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pg.- preservation gas / vc.- vacuumed / bl.- boneless/a.f.-additive free

Smoked & cooked products

401 Head cheese

402 Head cheese vc.

403 Smoked&cooked belly vc.

404 Smoked&cooked mince covered belly  vc.

405 Smoked&cooked horsehoe gammon vc.

406 Smoked&cooked collar vc.

407 Black pudding

416 Baking sausage

417 White pudding

424 Smoked liver pate

425 Smoked&cooked mince covered collar vc.

426 Cooked jawl with paprika&garlic

427 Cooked jawl with paprika&garlic vc.

429 Cooked bottom belly with garlic

443 Hot grill sausage

444 Vegetable grill sausage

445 Really cheesy grill sausage

448 Bavarian grill sasuage

451 Cooked head with paprika

452 Cooked hock with paprika bl.

453 Smoked&cooked loin 

454 Smoked&cooked knuckle vc.